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We’re pet travel nuts!

It seems like it is really, really difficult, if not nearly impossible to travel easily with your pet. Each hotel chain (and in some cases individual hotels) have different pet policies. Not to mention the fees can be out of this world, like $100 for a stay, even if it’s only for a night. Or only accept certain breeds of certain pets up to 12.7lbs in size and between the ages of 3 and 3 1/2. You feel me?!

All this makes it hard to plan your trip.

We’re trying to help – here’s how:

  1. Our mission is to list all the pet friendly chains we can and verify their policies on a regular basis since they seem to change depending on the weather and moon phase.
  2. Chains with more traveler friendly (and pet traveler friendly) pet policies, as decided solely by us, will be listed toward the top of the page. For example, Motel 6, while not prestigious is pet friendly and has no fee – that means its going to get listed higher, than one with a huge fee, or inconsistent policies per location.
  3. We donate a portion of our profits to a local dog rescue group. So far, there aren’t any profits so we’re just donating because we like to do that anyway.

Please help us out with our mission:

  1. Some of our hotel links allow us to get a small commission on your booking. When you book online (but not if you call) through our links, we will get paid and it will help support this site, along with a portion of that booking will be donated to our local dog rescue group.
  2. Link to us – We love links! If you have a blog or web site, we’d love to have a link to us on your site.
  3. Mention us on Facebook or Twitter, or do that old fashioned thing and talk to someone and tell them about us with your voice. I know, that last part is kind of scary but I’m sure most of us still remember how to do that somewhat…

Thanks for visiting! We hope you have a fabulous rest of your day and hope to have you visit our site again soon!


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