5 Useful Dog Accessories for the Car

Travelling with your pooch can be exciting and a lot of fun. Road trips make it easier on him because you can stop often for restroom breaks, snacks and drinks. In addition, stopping along the way allows you and your furry loved one to start enjoying that bond you have even before you get to your vacation destination. To make it an even better experience though, consider these five dog accessories for the car.

Kurgo-Bench-Dog-Seat-CoverKrugo Bench Dog Seat Cover

Fido is going to be mighty excited when he sees all the fun things to do outside of the window as you drive. To save the seats in your car, consider purchasing this Krugo Bench Dog Seat Cover. It fits on the seat securely and quickly, so you can be ready to bring your pup with you in just a matter of seconds.

KUG-00006_mlKurgo Backseat Barrier

As your doggie gets excited, he will likely want to share that with you by jumping into the front passenger seat, and possibly, your lap while you drive. That’s not safe for you or your pup, so you may want to use a Kurgo Backseat Barrier. This fit right in between the two front seats, so your pup can still see you and you can still see him, but he’ll stay safely in the backseat.


shoppingSnoozer Black Pet Car Seat Console Lookouts

As you’re making your trip, you may end up seeing Fido go flying when you have to step on the brakes in traffic. To keep him safe, you can put him in one of these Snoozer Black Pet Car Seat Console Lookouts. It’s soft, fits on your center console, and you can use the clips to keep him safely inside of it. This is perfect for a puppy or small dog.

Harness Kyjen Outward Hound Up & Out Lift Harness

Do you have a truck or SUV that your pup has a hard time getting into? You can help him without a lot of effort by using the Kyjen Outward Hound Up & Out Lift Harness. This fits snuggly around your dog’s body and has a handle on the top. As he puts his front paws on the back of your truck or SUV all you have to do is pull up on the harness and that gives your pup enough of a lift to easily get inside your vehicle.

Dog BowlJolly Pets RoadRefresher

Pets should always have clean, fresh water accessible. If you’re going on a long car ride, it may not be conducive to stop every hour or so. You can save a lot of time by having this no spill water bowl. It has an aqua flow system that restricts the flow of water, so it only gives your pooch exactly what he drinks. It also has Velcro on the bottom to attach it to the interior of your car.

With these five dog accessories for your car, you can go on vacation with your pup safely and comfortably. If you know of any other accessories that other pet lovers would like for their vehicles, please let us know in the comments.

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