3 Unique Pet Friendly Hotels

Your pet is part of your family. When you go on a family vacation, it’s only natural to want to bring your pet with you. Not all hotels allow you to bring your dog or cat, but there are some hotels that will welcome pets and even treat them as well as they do human guests. The following five hotels go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to being a pet friendly hotel.

1. Loews Philadelphia Hotel

loews-philadelphiaWant to experience the city life without leaving your pets at home? Book a room at Loews Philadelphia Hotel!

Loews Philadelphia Hotel will treat your pets as well as it will treat you. You will be able to order from a special gourmet menu for four legged friends. You’ll receive pet beds, leashes, collars, and even a litter box and scooper for cats. There are many dog walking trails, treats and complementary poop bags. You can purchase rawhide bones for your dogs and scratch poles and catnip for your cats. If you need to head out by yourself for a while, don’t worry; the hotel offers pet sitting and pet walking services.

Do you want to find out more about Loews Philadelphia Hotel? Contact them at 1-800-235-6397.

2. Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort Myrtle Beach

sea-mist-myrtle-beachA vacation at the beach is beautiful and relaxing. Bringing your pup or kitty with you isn’t a problem if you choose this hotel. This resort allows up to two pets, as long as each is less than 100 pounds. All guests with pets get to stay in the Sandcastle building in the ocean view rooms. This provides easy access to the walking paths and beach. Dogs can also use the dog park, which is fenced in to keep everyone safe.

For more information about Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort Myrtle Beach contact them at 842-448-1551.

3. Carmel Valley Ranch

carmel-valley-ranchAre you ready to experience the great outdoors with your pets? Stay at Carmel Valley Ranch in Carmel, California! It doesn’t matter how big your dog is as long as you are willing to pay the extra $150 for his stay. This will include your pet’s own bed, water bowl, and there are even some pet amenities he’ll be able to enjoy. Take your pets on a hike as you feast your eyes on the vast, serene environment. Sit by the lake with wine and your pooch to really experience what a relaxing vacation is like.

For more information about Carmel Valley Ranch contact them at 877-422-3436.

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